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TACH known as Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony

TACH a nonprofit organization with the objective to inculcate, promote and promulgate INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC amongst women, children and youth on the basis of TRADITIONAL cult-"GURU-SHISYA" parampara (Teacher & Disciple tradition).

TACH promotes World Music and Dance along with artist management, music education, concerts, seminars, competitions, festivals, workshop, music awareness, collaboration and development for traditional cultural harmony.

TACH provide a cultural exchange program and promote cross cultural fusion music collaborations which contribute to developing harmony and understanding between eastern and western culture.

TACH  recognize the artists of USA & beyond with "Award of Excellence", who are having the extra ordinary ability in the field of music.

TACH planning to organize training programs seminar and workshops with the prime aim of up bearing of morale of the budding young artists by exposing them before the esteemed and high profile audience. The focus is to bring the budding artists in direct contact with artists of repute to expose them to potential role models and to inculcate in them the desire to achieve the Goal. As for encouragement and impetus, they are awarded certificates and mementos etc.



   Music Program and award function byTACH

   Dallas Smith , Susan Mazer & Pete Fairley


After award function Group photo with awardees and Chief Guest  Sparks        Mayor GENO R. MARTINI & Under Sheriff 's Office Capt. PAT LEE

We work for Global Artist Management
Cultural exchange program,music education, fusion music, collaboration and development for Traditional cultural Harmony.