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Music lovers of Reno is going to watch a very enjoy full musical event on 21st Feb @ Laxalt Auditorium, Reno, NV @ 7.00pm where the renowned harpist Marina Roznitovosky of University of Nevada on Harp and renowned Veena player Chakrapani Singh on his Kachappi Veena is going to play a western and Indian Classical Music. There will be a unique collaboration of eastern and western music. A beautiful sound of Harp and a melodious sound of Kachappi Veena is going to give a new dimension to the music world.  A combination of harmony and melody is going to present through the Harp and Kachappi Veena and accompany by Peter Fairley on tabla.


Laxalt Auditorium

401 W. Second St. Reno,  NV 89509

@ 7.00 pm

Buzz.....  775-336-9733

(tickets online through paypal and also at venue)